What’s NanoGame?

NanoGame is an online training tool that introduces excitement and entertainment to learning. Thinking of ideas to improve the outcome of the Conference, we came about with using this innovative methodology which is already a great success in corporate learning.


Contact with colleagues already before the Conference starts

Initiate contact

Get in touch in an easy and informal way. Take advantage of meeting collaborators before seeing them face-to-face.


Learn about the multidisciplinary contents of NALS in the funniest way

Learn by gaming

You may play individually and challenge other gamers or create teams. You may also play against youself just to train.


Get familiar with the city of Gijón

Gijón and Asturias

Emblematic places, leisure, cider bars, restaurants, and more.


Join us in making a success of this innovative idea

Let's innovate

Let us all learn about Game Training and how to apply it to our research and educational activities

Join the game of the Conference

At the time of the registration remember to click the check box I want to take part of NanoGame experience (included in the Conference fee). Your email address will be used to give you access to the NanoGame App.

You will be able to game from your computer or mobile devices. NanoGame will be launched one week before the Conference.

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